Receive free contracts with a payout of US Dollar 35.000 each. You need only 10.000.000 Points, which are generatet automatically of your PC. Let your computer do the work for you, click on paidbanners and receive passive massive high payments from our sponsors. Even you can choose: Scorpio! Enjoy holiday for the rest of your life and our 20-Level Referral System.


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About Us

How fast you claim all positions, is only up to you. Every matrix program is asking you for money.

Not! Cause here you will earn money automatically.

1.000.000 points earns you one matrix position and unlimeted ad credits on autopilot.

Waranty: If you join and you reach 10.000.000 Points we give you a financial freedom free Cryptex Staking Contract with a extreme high payout in Bitcoin of US Dollar!

The best things in life are free! This matrix program is made for everybody.

Matrix.Holiday is better than everything on the internet.

The perfect concept, if you want holiday for the rest of your life.

If you need advertising and you like to buy positions, you can claim the main matrix target of US Dollar 5 Million much faster!

Every month you can claim one position very easy which is worth US Dollar 10

Here's how it works


Register and verify your email address.


Start the Surfbar and automatically collect points by surfing or clicking 24 hours a day.


One million points equals 10 dollars. Once you reach $10 you can book advertising and get a position in the matrix.


When you reach 10,000,000 points, you will receive a free staking contract from Cryptex with an extremely high payout.


Of course you can also buy positions, as many as you want. E.g. 500 positions in the matrix = 50 free staking contracts from Cryptex.


You can pay here with all currencies, we are already CBCD ready.

Earn Unlimited 20 Tiers Referral Commision

We finance ourselves through sponsors, advertising, mining, staking and investments. Your personal matrix position is very well secured.

Our team has over 10,000 years of professional experience from all possible areas, especially advertising, crypto, mathematics, programming, IT security, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We wish you a wonderful day and good earnings.

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